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Discounts On Car Insurance For Teen Drivers

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For many parents of teens, one of the things that they have been dreading is when kids get old enough to start driving. It means that the teen is getting ready to become a responsible adult and won't need their parents as much. It also means that there's a good possibility that the car insurance premiums for the household are about to be raised. In fact, some policy premiums may double thanks to adding a teen driver to the policy. The good news is that there are some discounts on car insurance for new drivers that parents can take advantage of to get the best rate possible.

Here, Underground Elephant, car insurance expert, offers tips, tricks and information about discounts on car insurance for new drivers that parents can take advantage of to get the best rate possible. You can also check out the Underground Elephant scholarship to enter a nominee.

One Policy for All

Even if a teen driver gets their own car, it's often cheaper to put the new driver onto the family's car insurance policy. Most insurance companies offer discounts when you insure more than one vehicle. It can be beneficial to get a quote with the teen on the family policy and on their own plan to see which offers the most savings.


Good Student Discounts


One of the first types of discounts that teens can qualify for is good student discounts. Getting good grades in school can show insurance companies that the teen is responsible and mature. This requirement doesn't even mean that the student has to have straight A's. Some companies start with a B requirement.


Student Driver Education


Another option to get a reduced premium is to take a driving course. Teens that go through a safe driving course or other driver's education program have gained experience behind the wheel with a professional teacher.


Older Vehicle


Buying a brand-new vehicle can increase insurance premiums. It can be beneficial to have the teen driver use an older vehicle to get a lower premium amount. The premiums on older cars are smaller than newer vehicles due to the costs involved.


Technology Discounts


Another option that some insurance companies offer is to have the teen's driving monitored using a gadget that tracks their driving behaviors. This technology provides a simple way for the insurance company to have proof of how safe the new driver happens to be behind the wheel.


Teen drivers don't have to break the bank when it comes to their car insurance. These discounts described by Underground Elephant can take the sting out of the insurance premium price

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